Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to speak Spanish to participate? 

No, music is a universal language. Our classes are natural and interactive with teachers that engage participants through music regardless of the level of Spanish. The dynamic allows for non-Spanish speakers to catch on quickly. Plus the at-home materials offer translations and English support for those learning Spanish. 

Are classes too easy for families that speak Spanish? 

Our teachers use techniques that Native Spanish speakers don't feel is for beginners.

My child doesn't speak Spanish won't they get confused? 

You may notice your child using both English and Spanish words together. It's not confusion but signs of a smart and busy mind working.  
Experts agree that the younger the child, from birth to the age of five, the better it is for them to be exposed to a second or third language and develop their bilingual skills.  

As parents, what is our role in class?

You are free to sing and dance along with your child and most importantly have fun. Having fun along with your child will seal the deal for them. Your enthusiasm in class and at home will help your child learn to love and make music. 

Is there a class limit? 

Yes, we have a size limit of 10 to 12 families. Make sure to register and reserve your spot quickly. 

Do you have any questions not mentioned above? 

Please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you. 

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